The purpose of our project is to demonstrate and teach people, how important and easy is to care and to mantain their health on daily basis.


Aromatherapy can help to prevent and treat certain conditions and is an inexhaustible source of good mood and cheerfulness. The most important rule of aromatherapy is to use substances of exclusively natural origin, which not only have pleasant flavours, but also have a therapeutic effect. In order to create our products we have combined our experience and modern aromatherapy techniques.

We have two types of beard oil, both consisting of mix of base oils (coconut, grape seeds and jojoba) and a composition of essential oils.

Oil V02 contains such essential oils as: vanilla, patchouli, rosewood, incense and vetiver. The flavour is truly luxurious. It cheers you up and increases your energy.

Oil I03 contains the following essential oils: geranium, Roman chamomile, German chamomile, grapefruit, majoram, Italian immortelle, and cedar. The oil has splendid herbal flavour. It calms you down, reduces anxiety, and gives self-confidence.

Our beard oils softens your facial hair and makes beard and moustache treatment easy and enjoyable. Our products contain no preservatives, dyes or synthetic additives.

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Our Barbershop

This is our barbershop. You can see special, high quality equipment from Takara Belmont ( it's like Mercedes in the cars world) and wonderful light.
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